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Your Journey to living a
bold and authentic life

AudaciousNess showcases individuals who have set themselves bold, audacious goals and have worked to achieve them. Our purpose is to inspire people to act with the courage to create a positive impact in the world.Through speaking to 'regular people' about their audacious goals, we highlight the fact that role models are everywhere. Each and every one of us can have an impact in some way.The name 'AudaciousNess' has two components: audacious, meaning 'bold', and ness, meaning 'a strip of land projecting into a body of water'. We believe having a solid grounding on which to practice your audacity is crucial, or, in the words of the great philosopher king Marcus Aurelius (Meditations, 4.49):'Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.'

Solid grounding

We created first our podcast and then our book with the aim of enabling a courageous community that honours their genius and lives their calling. We believe that when we honour ourselves, our calling and our genius, we become the change we want to see in the world.By being audacious we create an authentic life that is aligned with our values and will also create a positive impact in our ecosystem. Being courageous is not about acting without fear – it’s about moving forward despite the fear, by stepping outside of our comfort zones and putting ourselves in situations where we feel uncomfortable.To get started with your own audacious journey, browse through the podcast and listen to the episodes that grab your attention, then get a copy of the book to discover what it takes to find your own audaciousness. We believe that courage is a choice and that it is our responsibility to choose it for ourselves and for each other. When we do this, we can change the world.We hope you will join us on this adventure!

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The Book

Book cover

The book contains a summary of what we learned from the 41 utterly audacious people who shared their life stories with us via our podcast. It also offers tips and advice for anyone else wishing to step up and do the audacious work the world so desperately needs right now.Some of the stories in the book tell of personal goals, some are professional and others involve social or environmental actions. Despite the huge range of circumstances conveyed to us in these stories, one common thread runs through them all – each person experienced a very strong desire to pursue whatever they were being called to do.We are sure you will enjoy reading their inspirational stories.


The book is available to purchase in print or digital format at major retail outlets such as those listed below. The retail price of the paperback edition in the UK is £12.99.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-7393711-0-4
EBOOK ISBN: 978-1-7393711-1-1

Alternatively, if you have a postal address in the UK or EU, drop us a line at and we'll send you your own personalised copy!

Book cover

Book cover
Book cover
Book cover

The book is available to purchase in print or digital format at major retail outlets such as those listed below. The retail price of the paperback edition in the UK is £12.99.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-7393711-0-4
EBOOK ISBN: 978-1-7393711-1-1

Alternatively, if you have a postal address in the UK or EU, drop us a line at and we'll send you your own personalised copy!

Book published by Bold Fish Publishing

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The podcast


During 2021 and 2022 we interviewed 41 amazing guests about the utterly audacious things they do or have done. Some of the stories tell of personal goals, some are professional and others involve social or environmental actions.Despite the huge range of circumstances conveyed to us in these stories, one common thread runs through them all – each person experienced a very strong desire to pursue whatever they were being called to do.There are 44 episodes in total: 40 interviews with our amazingly audacious guests (Episode 28 has two guests), two episodes (42 & 43) about our own audacious stories, a mid-project summary (23) and a final summary (44).The episodes appear below in reverse chronological order. Scroll down to access each episode, which contains a short description of the audacious guest and interview, plus a link to the transcript.You can also access the episodes on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Castro, Stitcher, RadioPublic or wherever else you listen to your podcasts.The soundtrack used on all podcast episodes is Pablito's Way by Paolo Pavan.

44. From the Podcast to the Book

In the final episode of the AudaciousNess podcast, Helen and Maribel talk about the conception and growth of the podcast and its transformation into the book.Following two years of interviewing 40 amazingly audacious guests, we managed to collate the experiences and wisdom they shared with us into ten common threads that audacious people live by. These threads became the titles of the book chapters:1. Triggers | 2. Following our Calling | 3. Mindset | 4. The Inner Critic | 5. Outer Critics | 6. Challenges | 7. Role Models | 8. Values | 9. Advice | 10. Solid GroundingUsing these chapter headings as prompts, we discuss our two-year AudaciousNess journey from the podcast to the book and reveal what’s next in the AudaciousNess story.

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43. Let God Set Your Goals
with Helen Strong

In our penultimate episode of the AudaciousNess podcast, Maribel interviews Helen about the audacious things she’s done in her life so far. Helen talks about:

  • growing up in the north of England, living in Germany for 20 years, and returning to the UK to finally settle on a remote island in northwest Scotland

  • the extreme highs and lows she used to experience and how she’s now managed to stabilise them in a life of ‘semi-high’ contentment

  • her encounter with God after being a non-believer for most of her life, and how that has helped her reach a place of calmness and serenity

  • how letting yourself be directed from a higher place means your goals will be much more audacious than what the ego could ever come up with

  • how the mind and the ego are useful tools for getting stuff done and achieving our goals, but that they should be the servant, not the master.

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42. In Search of Adventure
with Maribel Ortega

As we near the end of the second and final season of the AudaciousNess podcast, we take the opportunity to interview each other about our own audacious goals, and the bold and daring choices we’ve made in our own lives. In this episode, Helen interviews Maribel, who talks about:

  • the first 23 years of her life in the Dominican Republic and her moves to Chile, Switzerland and finally Germany

  • her search for adventure and how she feels now that she’s living a passionate and exciting life

  • how she deals with the highs and lows and how she comforts her inner critic during the low points

  • the strategies she has developed for dealing with people who criticise her choices

  • asking yourself: 'If you don’t already lead an audacious life, what is it that’s keeping you from doing that?'

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41. The Road to Rhenigidale
with Kenneth Mackay

Kenneth Mackay campaigned tirelessly throughout the 1970s and 1980s to have a paved road built to his remote village of Rhenigidale on the island of Harris off the northwest coast of Scotland. After a long and arduous struggle involving many conflicting voices, the road was finally opened in 1990 and the future of Kenneth’s village was secured. In this interview with our oldest ever guest on the podcast, 87-year-old Kenneth talks about:

  • what drove him to fight so hard for so long for the road into his remote village

  • how instrumental the village women were in encouraging Kenneth never to give up

  • the resistance he faced in his quest to keep his village connected to the outside world

  • why it’s important to halt the abandonment of remote places and secure their future

  • the importance of getting help and support when undertaking such audacious work

Kenneth documented his struggle to get the road built in a book, published in 2016, Rhenigidale: A Community’s Fight for Survival.(NOTE: As a background to this episode, we’d recommend taking a quick look at this short blog post that Helen wrote earlier this year, as it contains photos and maps that show the location of Rhenigidale and what the area looks like. And this is the blog post mentioned in this episode about the island of St Kilda that was evacuated in 1930.)

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40. Dare to Lead Like a Girl
with Dalia Feldheim

Dalia Feldheim has spent a large part of her career marketing feminine hygiene products for companies such as Procter and Gamble, and has achieved international recognition for her bold advertising campaigns. Having worked all over the world, Dalia is now based in Israel, where she runs her own consultancy, Uppiness, which helps people identify their purpose in life and how to achieve it. In this interview, Dalia talks about:

  • the connection between femcare products and women’s empowerment

  • her 5Ps of happiness: Purpose, Perspective, Power Up, People, Positivity

  • how recognising our pains can lead us to uncovering our passions

  • how ‘failing’ leads to the development of resilience and a growth mindset

  • how focusing on our strengths helps to deal with ‘impostor syndrome’

  • how to recognise and overcome our fears and limiting beliefs

Dalia’s book, Dare to Lead Like a Girl, was published in 2022.This is the link to Dalia’s TED Talk that she mentioned in this episode.

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39. Faith, Family and Friends
with Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker based in Denver, Colorado. His life and career path has taken him from playing basketball to working in the corporate world to being a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator. For the past 10 years, Terry has been battling a rare form of cancer which led to his leg being amputated. In this interview, Terry shares with us:

  • how we are all born uncommon and extraordinary, with unique gifts and talents

  • why we need to take personal responsibility for our lives and stop blaming others

  • how to learn from our failures and to achieve success by not giving up

  • how to deal with the bad days and use them to strengthen our resilience

  • how death is nothing to fear as long as we are living our purpose

  • how his faith, his family and his friends are the cornerstone of his life

Terry’s book, SustainableExcellence: Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon And Extraordinary Life, was published in 2020.Terry can be contacted via his website at

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38. Waking People Up
with Gavin Scott

Gavin Scott is a Life Coach based in Malaga, Spain, whose mission is to wake people up to enable them to make their life decisions from an increased level of consciousness. Gavin hosts a podcast called Stay Outstanding, in which he aims to inspire people to create space in their lives for betterment. In this interview, Gavin talks about:

  • why living a conscious life is so much more rewarding than living unconsciously

  • how we have been programmed to have the beliefs, behaviours and habits we do

  • why it’s important to change ourselves first to be an inspiration to others

  • his challenge to swim the English Channel to raise awareness of plastic pollution

  • our superhuman abilities to achieve anything in life we put our minds to

Gavin can be contacted via his website

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37. A Voice for the Voiceless
with Jen Armstrong

Jen Armstrong is a professional singer and songwriter from England. After years co-writing ‘meaningless pop songs’, Jen decided to use her musical talents to stand up for what she truly believes in. Jen now writes songs which give a voice to those who are silenced and oppressed, whether human or animal, and released her debut album, Freedom Warrior, in the summer of 2022. In this interview, Jen talks about:

  • what drew her to the field of human and animal rights and fighting for the oppressed

  • the therapeutic value of being a voice for the voiceless in a cruel and oppressive world

  • why it’s important that people know the truth about modern captivity and oppression

  • how we have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing how the world should be

  • how we all have the power to change ourselves and improve the situation for everyone

Jen goes by the artist name of Vegan Queen V and her website is

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36. Adapting Your Dreams
with Charlene Camilleri Duca

Charlene Camilleri Duca runs her own clinical psychology and gestalt therapy practice in Malta. In November 2021 she started a 9-month tour of Europe with her husband and 2-year-old son, living in rented accommodation for a week at a time and shifting her work online. As she nears the end of her trip, Charlene reports on her experience and shares with us:

  • why she wanted to take time out of her busy work schedule to tour Europe

  • how she adapted her dream of travelling to her current life situation

  • how we tend to stand in the way of our own goals and how to deal with that

  • why being comfortable is not a good place to be and how to let go of comforts

  • the techniques she employs to deal with life’s stresses and challenges

The book mentioned in this episode is The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter.

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35. Natural Horsemanship
with Katie Taylor

At the tender age of 18, Katie Taylor has already set herself the audacious goal of becoming an expert in Natural Horsemanship. Having spent much of her youth in a homeschooling environment, Katie has developed the skills, confidence and resourcefulness to be able to achieve her goals. In this interview with our youngest ever podcast guest, Katie explains:

  • what natural horsemanship is and how it differs from conventional horsemanship

  • how learning horsemanship skills can develop leadership and communication skills

  • how being homeschooled gave her the confidence and desire to educate herself

  • how years of dedication and hard work have led Katie to be considered an expert

  • how to literally be outstanding in your field

This is the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program that Katie mentioned.(Note: we first ‘met’ Katie when we interviewed her Mum, Jen, whose audacious goal was to travel Europe in a campervan with her family of five for one school year. Katie was 9 years old at the time. If you wish to learn more about Katie’s educational background, the interview with her Mum is Episode 2: Homeschooling in a Campervan with Jen Taylor.)

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34. Running Across Europe
with Tish Joyce

In 2017, while working for an international company in the north of England, Tish Joyce took the bold decision to attend a meeting in Germany by flying to Amsterdam and travelling the rest of the way on foot. Thus began Tish’s marathon trip across northern Europe with just a backpack, a tent and a pair of running shoes. In this somewhat jaw-dropping interview, Tish explains:

  • what motivated her to run an average of a marathon a day across northern Europe

  • how she overcame adversity through positive thinking and being gentle on herself

  • what she learned during hundreds of meditative hours spent running alone

  • how she learned to slow down, live in the moment and be her own authentic self

  • how she has achieved life balance and a solid grounding through self-love

Tish is now based in the Scottish Highlands, where she runs an Ayurveda practice. She can be contacted at desert marathon Tish mentioned in this interview is the Marathon des Sables, also known as ‘The Toughest Footrace on Earth’.

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33. Alleviating World Poverty
with Timmy Douglas

Timmy Douglas is a podcaster, coach and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Still only in his early twenties, Timmy has set himself the audacious goals of firstly, securing financial freedom for himself and his family, and secondly, alleviating world poverty. In this interview, Timmy talks about:

  • what financial freedom is and how it can be achieved

  • how he plans to set up a system to alleviate world poverty

  • his passion and drive for helping people achieve their dreams and goals

  • why it’s important to lead an authentic life and take care of yourself

  • having a moral obligation to achieve our wishes

Timmy can be contacted via his website: books mentioned in this episode are The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy.

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32. 21st Century Skills
with Nik Pandya

Primary school teacher Nik Pandya started his teaching career in an inner city school in London before relocating to Barcelona. After becoming frustrated with the current state of the education system, Nik is now developing projects to transform primary school education, in order to equip children with more relevant life skills for our modern times. In this interview, Nik shares with us:

  • what 21st century skills are and why developing them from a young age is so critical

  • what the role of education should be and how the current model is failing our children

  • why it’s more difficult to teach 21st century skills than to teach for exams and grades

  • how he deals with both the inner and outer critics when embarking on such a major project

  • why he surrounds himself with supportive people who will critically question his choices

For more information about Nik’s projects, see you enjoyed this episode you may be interested in: Episode 30: The Accidental Emigrant with Philip Keay and Episode 27: Question Everything with Mike Patterson)

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31. Professional Housesitting
with Susanne Hillmer

Susanne Hillmer grew up in Germany and since 2014 has been living a nomadic lifestyle, having travelled and worked in Australia, Europe and India. She started by offering her services as a professional house- and pet-sitter and now combines housesitting with living out of a campervan, financing her lifestyle with online training. In this interview, Susanne shares with us:

  • what professional housesitting is and what type of person it’s suited to

  • how she pivoted her career to enable her to work from any location

  • why she chooses a life which constantly pushes her out of her comfort zone

  • how she explains her lifestyle to people who question her choices

  • how she never feels loneliness despite being alone

Susanne’s website is www.50, where you can find out more about what she does and even contact her if you feel inspired to join Susanne on her travels!

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30. The Accidental Emigrant
with Philip Keay

In 1991, Philip Keay accidentally emigrated to Thailand, where he accidentally became a teacher. He now devotes his life to exploring the inner and outer worlds and to inspiring others to empower themselves. His book Menu for a Spiritual Revolution, which brings together what Philip has learned over decades of life experience, was published in 2021. In this interview, Philip talks about:

  • what brought him to Thailand and what made him stay

  • how to embrace life’s ‘accidents’ and live in the moment

  • the differences between teaching/learning and leadership/control

  • how nurturing self-control advances freedom, reinforces values and reduces fear

  • the problems with our current broken schooling model and how we can fix it

For more information about Philip’s book and his online course for home educators, go to follow Philip on his Facebook page or YouTube Channel.The TED Talk mentioned in this episode is Sir Ken Robinson’s Do schools kill creativity?(If you enjoyed this episode you may be interested in Episode 27: Question Everything with Mike Patterson and Episode 32: 21st Century Skills with Nik Pandya)

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29. Being a Fierce Life Warrior
with Julie Trager

Julie Trager is a writer, a channel and a spiritual mentor based in California. After 15 years working in hospice and palliative care which eventually led to burnout, Julie surrendered herself to God. She learned to stop trying to fit into societal norms and pressures, and now lives a magical and fierce life she finds 'incredibly joyful and peaceful and interesting and fun.' In this interview, Julie talks about:

  • what it means to surrender to a higher power – to stop doing and start being

  • how everyday distractions hinder us from discovering who we really are

  • trusting our intuition and understanding fully our connection with nature

  • how society causes us to tamp down our potential in order to 'fit in'

  • the failings of modern medicine and the benefits of holistic healthcare

  • what channelling is (and that any one of us can do it!)

Julie can be contacted at

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28. Let's Talk About Race
with Alistair and Peter

Alistair Maigurira and Peter Guess run a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Consultancy in South Africa called SALTAR (South Africa Let’s Talk About Race). Their vision is to create connection between people and ultimately a more inclusive world. In this interview, Alistair and Peter share their thoughts with us on:

  • what exactly ‘race’ is and how we can best talk about it

  • viewing race from a trauma-based perspective in order to find solutions

  • the challenges around inclusion in the South African context

  • how storytelling and coaching can help connect and de-traumatise people

  • why their ultimate aim is that their services will no longer be required

The TED Talk that Alistair mentioned in this episode is Fadzi Whande: How Diversity Heaven can be Inclusion Hell.

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27. Question Everything
with Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson is a business consultant based in the United Arab Emirates who has so far helped over 50,000 people achieve their dreams. A keen researcher who has never believed in conforming, Mike has spent the last 20 years studying facts and figures in search of the truth. In this highly informative interview, Mike talks about:

  • the difference between laws and rules

  • why it’s important to set goals and to plan for the future

  • how the system has been designed to dumb people down

  • why we need to question everything and do our own research

  • the impact of our diet on the positivity of our thoughts

  • reframing 'failure' as feedback and 'problems' as challenges

  • the difference between activities and results

(If you enjoyed this episode you may be interested in Episode 30: The Accidental Emigrant with Philip Keay and Episode 32: 21st Century Skills with Nik Pandya)

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26. Create your own Outcomes
with Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen grew up in Hong Kong and now lives in Sydney with her husband and two children, whom she water-birthed. In 2009 she gave up her full-time job in advertising to start her own coaching business helping women achieve career success. In this interview, as well as explaining why she chose to naturally birth her children, Rebecca gives some invaluable advice on:

  • creating your own outcomes and focusing on what you wish to achieve

  • seeking information and informing yourself to help reduce your fears

  • developing the mindset that you are worthy and deserving of success

  • launching your own business and dealing with learning curves and plateaux

  • adapting your expectations, and releasing the need to control situations

Rebecca's website is

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25. Alpha Vitamin Women
with Aurora Pérez-Vico

Originally from Spain, Aurora Pérez-Vico lives with her husband and three young sons in Munich, Germany, where she has experienced a culture of ‘mom-shaming’ of full-time working mothers. In this interview, Aurora talks about:

  • her drive to constantly improve her skills and knowledge and to learn new things

  • how she’s learned to adapt to the challenges of each day without trying to control everything

  • her local network of ‘Alpha Vitamin Women’ who help her recharge her batteries

  • the importance of saying ‘Yes’ to projects that push you out of your comfort zone

  • how she deals with ‘imposter syndrome’ and being judged by other women

  • how she views the roles of men and women in the home

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24. Trust the Nothing
with Claire Tonna

Claire Tonna is a Maltese singer/songwriter who uses the power of words and music to give 'strength and courage and a sense of belonging in a pretty much lonely world.' In this highly philosophical first episode of Season 2 of our podcast, Claire shares her views on:

  • trusting your intuition

  • living life in love, not fear

  • surrendering and giving up

  • feeling whole and complete

  • separation and being part of the ecosystem

You can listen to Claire’s music on Soundcloud or follow Claire on Facebook or Instagram.

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23. Summary of the Year 2021

Helen Strong

In our final episode of Season 1, we look back at the 22 guests we interviewed in the previous 12 months and take a moment to reflect on what we learned from them.Our guests in 2021 either originated from or are living in countries as wide ranging as Canada, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and Zimbabwe. We covered almost all the continents!

22. Island on the Edge
with Anne Cholawo

Our final guest of Season 1 of our podcast is Anne Cholawo, author of Island on the Edge, the book which was chosen to launch our AudaciousNess Book Club on 1 December 2021. Anne took the bold decision to swap her hectic urban lifestyle in 1980s England for one of rural isolation and self-sufficiency on a tiny Scottish island, without mains electricity, medical services, shops or any other modern amenities. There were 17 people living on the island when she moved there; today Anne and her husband Robert are the only ones remaining. In this fascinating interview, Anne talks about:

  • what it was that drew her to the home and the lifestyle of her dreams

  • how she dealt with adversity and challenges in the beginning

  • the need to have a single-minded determination to achieve your goals

  • the importance of building the option of failure into bold decisions

  • the spiritual awakening she experienced while living on the island

  • what compelled her to publish her life story

Anne’s book Island on the Edge is published by Birlinn.

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21. You are the Hero
with Jessa de la Morena

After battling cancer twice and finding the positive support of people in similar situations lacking, Jessa de la Morena decided to start a community called You Are The Hero. Her goal was to provide a safe space for people to share transformational stories and connect with others who have lived through the same loneliness. In this conversation, Jessa talks about:

  • viewing adversity and disruption as a gift

  • setting boundaries in conversations with others

  • looking within yourself to find your inner hero

  • taking control of your decisions and doing what feels right

  • understanding your own reactions to situations and events

Find out more about Jessa’s community at

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20. Altruistic Capitalism
with Lynn Yap

Lynn Yap grew up in Malaysia and moved to the UK at the age of 19 to study law. Her career has taken her from law to investment banking to launching a network supporting women and girls in work. In 2021 Lynn published her first book, The Altruistic Capitalist, following research and interviews with business leaders on how to solve today’s complex worldwide issues. In this interview, Lynn talks about:

  • her passion for learning and not feeling comfortable being comfortable

  • how passion, perseverance and grit can all be learned and developed

  • what she learned when she was forced to decide between family and work

  • the importance of focusing on your values and doing meaningful work

  • why it’s important for women and girls to have role models and aspirations

  • why capitalism is not all bad and can in fact be altruistic

Lynn’s network for supporting women and girls is and her recently-published book can be found at book Lynn mentioned in the interview is Grit by Angela Duckworth.(Note: The episode in which we interviewed an altruistic capitalist is Episode 14: Safe Drinking Water with Mark Matamisa.)

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19. Faith and Alignment
with Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed

Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed grew up in Pakistan and has dedicated her life to social justice and human rights. She is the Founder and Director of Social Innovation Lab, an initiative which has helped 150 entrepreneurs start businesses, which have gone on to directly impact over 6 million people around the world. In this fascinating interview, Maryam gives her insights on:

  • how she was able to step back and align her personal values to her work

  • her faith and beliefs, and the mentors who have helped her on her journey

  • circular approaches to nature and to life, as opposed to Western linear thinking

  • a compassionate and gracious way to deal with naysayers

  • how important it is to find your tribe and know you are not alone

Link to the Social Innovation Lab website: If you enjoyed listening to this episode, you may also enjoy Episode 9: Our Best Role Model is Nature with Amaranatho)

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18. Reviving the Sahel
with Dr Ousmane Pame

Dr Ousmane Pame is the founder and director of a network of eco-villages in the Sahel (the area stretching from Senegal on the west coast of Africa to Eritrea on the east, and bordered to the north by the Sahara Desert and to the south by rich savanna land). The previously verdant land of parts of the Sahel has suffered desertification through decades of poor agricultural practices, and Dr Pame is one of many people now working to revive the region to the lush and abundant habitat it once was. In this interview, Dr Pame explains:

  • what factors led to the ecological and socio-economic disaster in the region

  • how to reach young people with the important message of caring for nature

  • the need to balance African cultures and traditions with modern Western practices

  • how the eco-village project came about and what an eco-village looks like

  • the importance of local women as leaders in education and wealth-creation

Find out more about the REDES Ecovillages at redes-ecovillages.orgThis is the Teachers for Schools website mentioned in this episode.The book mentioned is 'Oneness vs the 1%' by Vandana Shiva. It’s available from many sources (simply do an online search). This interview and write-up gives a good summary of the book’s contents.

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17. Challenging Societal Norms
with Felicia Specht

At the age of 29, Felicia Specht not only founded her own company, an architectural office in Munich, but also established a network to support around 250 young women working in creative industries. Four years later, and with a newborn son, Felicia reveals what she has learned about:

  • being a young female leader and a mother in a male-dominated industry

  • the qualities of good leadership and how to nurture and develop it in others

  • accepting your vulnerabilities, voicing your fears and seeking peer support

  • recognising the limitations of our upbringings around societal norms and expectations

  • mindfully choosing your role models

Felicia’s company website is book Felicia mentioned is Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

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16. Becoming Self-Sufficient
with Rika Cossey

Rika Cossey grew up in Germany and has spent her adult life travelling and living in countries all over the world. In 2018 she moved to rural Sweden with her husband and two young children, living in a tiny house before buying a farm. Rika and her family are now attempting to live as self-sufficiently and as close to nature as possible. In this interview, Rika talks about:

  • what it was like living in a 39 square meter tiny house as a family of four

  • how she learned to be patient and accepting of things she can’t control

  • how she deals with family members who question her life choices

  • why she’s made it her life’s mission for her and her family to be self-sufficient

Rika now rents out her tiny house as holiday accommodation. For more information on how to book a stay at Rika’s farm, see

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15. World Maestro
with Colin O'Donohoe

Colin O'Donohoe is a musician and composer who founded The Pangean Orchestra, an ensemble of performers and instruments from all over the world. He has performed in venues from Mongolia to Brazil, and from Turkey to Japan. Recognized as an outstanding composer, leader, performer and arts advocate through awards, commissions, and grants, Colin’s global impact has earned him the title of ‘World Maestro’. To add to the audaciousness of Colin’s work, he is also recognized as being legally blind. In this interview, Colin talks about:

  • his musical background and upbringing and why music is his life

  • his reasons for developing the concept of a world orchestra

  • the challenges involved in travelling, composing music and leading an orchestra with a visual impairment

  • the difference between internal and external fulfilment, and why having confidence in your abilities is crucial

  • the importance of being a perpetual student and never ceasing to learn

  • how to deal with the inner critic

Colin’s website is book mentioned in this episode is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

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14. Safe Drinking Water
with Mark Matamisa

Mark Matamisa is an entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa. After discovering in 2008 that not everyone in his home land of Zimbabwe had access to clean drinking water, he and his friends put their savings together and set up an enterprise, Project Oasis, to provide safe, treated drinking water to a number of families in the country. In this eye-opening and, at times, emotional interview, Mark explains:

  • how an outbreak of cholera affected him emotionally, and set him on this journey

  • the importance of clean water for good health and prevention of illness and disease

  • the challenges faced by many in accessing water in Zimbabwe and South Africa

  • the criticisms he faced in providing a public good via a private enterprise

  • the conflict between running a profitable business and making a positive social impact

  • why the greatest success of this project would be the point when it’s no longer needed

More details about Mark’s enterprise can be found here.The film Helen mentioned in this episode is And the video Maribel mentioned about rich and poor countries can be viewed here.(Related episode: Episode 20: Altruistic Capitalism with Lynn Yap)

Link To Transcript:

13: Fixing the UX industry
with Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt has set herself the audacious goal of trying to fix the UX industry, by making the user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) in websites and apps more user-friendly. With a background in Psychology and Music, and 26 years in the UX industry, Debbie has a thriving business and a popular YouTube Channel. In this interview, Debbie explains:

  • how the UX industry came about and developed to where it is today

  • why she provides most of her content free of charge

  • the impact your environment has on your attitude and state of being

  • what motivates her to keep going despite the immensity of the task

This is Debbie’s Delta CX Channel on YouTube.Debbie is also an amazing singer. Check out her YouTube Song Channel here.

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12. Remote Working from Mexico
with Angela Papalia

After practising law in Ontario for 10 years, Angela Papalia decided to shift her work online and move to the warmer climes of a small town in Mexico. In this interview, she explains:

  • what led to her to move country and modify her work offering

  • the differences between her old life in Ontario and her new life in Mexico

  • the importance of finding a new routine when making a major life change

  • how she learned to say ‘No’ and how working less has meant achieving more

  • how she dealt with people who were not so supportive of her life choice

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11. Living Life by Design
with Myah Payel Mitra

Myah Payel Mitra is an award-winning Employee Engagement and Career Transition Coach. She is recognized as one of the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs working on mental health, leadership and well-being. As a Stanford-trained Positive Intelligence Coach and certified Movement Therapy Practitioner, Myah works with CXOs, senior leaders and high-performing teams all over the world. She is also the Founder President of Lean In Sustainability – a global community focused on climate change and gender. Myah's mission is to build a world that is conscious, sustainable and inclusive.In this interview, Myah talks about how she lives her life by design and experimentation, defining her purpose and leading by example. She talks a lot about fear, including how the fear of dreaming big can paralyse you, why the fear of failure kills more dreams than failure itself and why you should have a conversation and make allies with your fear.

The two books that Myah mentioned are Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware and Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup.Myah can be contacted via her LinkedIn profile.

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10. Fighting Human Trafficking
with Judy Boyle

Judy Boyle has been involved in anti-slavery campaigning for decades. Her award-winning non-profit organisation, The NO Project, targets youth awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking through film, music, art, dance, theatre, journalism, creative writing, education and social media. We talk with Judy about:

  • the moment she realised that fighting modern slavery was her calling

  • how she is personally affected by the atrocity of the crime and what keeps her going

  • how she measures the impact of her campaigns

  • the power we have as individuals to make a difference

For more information about modern human slavery and what you can do about it, check out The NO Project site at

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9. Our Best Role Model is Nature
with Amaranatho

Amaranatho started his working life as a Technical Support Manager and this took him on a transformational journey from studying Artificial Intelligence to exploring the world and spending 15 years as a Buddhist monk. He has spent long periods of time alone, in isolation and dealing with uncertainty. He now coaches executives, leaders and other coaches to improve their agile mindset, their mindfulness and their ability to self-reflect so they can stay calm and connected in complex situations. In this highly contemplative interview, Amaranatho talks about:

  • the nature of audacious 'moves'

  • how to gain clarity and to 'uncover' yourself

  • how to deal with conditioning and self-limiting beliefs

  • how nature is our best role model

  • the challenges faced by men in modern society

  • the collective trauma the world is experiencing right now

  • the actions we can take to lead more meaningful lives

Amaranatho’s website is If you enjoyed listening to this episode, you may also enjoy Episode 19: Faith and Alignment with Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed)

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8. Influencing Government Policy
with Dr. Omolade Femi-Ajao

Dr. Omolade Femi-Ajao is a researcher at the University of Manchester, where she obtained her Doctorate after researching Nigerian women’s experiences of domestic abuse in the UK. In this interview, Dr Femi-Ajao talks about:

  • her audacious work in this area, including what her parents taught her about perseverance and reaching beyond the sky

  • how to use facts and evidence to change the system from within

  • how to deal with rejection of your ideas

  • how important it is to be vulnerable, to ask for help and to offer help

  • how to break down large goals and approach them one step at a time

The books mentioned in this episode are The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and Your Road Map for Success by John C. Maxwell.

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7. Yoga Therapy
with Vicky Arundel

Vicky Arundel is a Yoga Therapist based in the southeast of England. In this interview, she explains:

  • the difference between 'mainstream' yoga and yoga therapy

  • how she got into yoga therapy and set up her business

  • how she attracts and retains clients; the opportunities that regulation could bring to the industry

  • why a personalised approach to healthcare is necessary (and why a 'one size fits all' approach doesn’t work)

  • how planning for each day helps her build routines and achieve her goals

  • the importance of having a peer network and similar people to talk to

This is Vicky's Yoga Therapy website.

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6. The Power of Communities
with Farhana Yamin

Environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin talks about her childhood experiences after moving to the UK from Pakistan, her academic and professional journeys in the area of climate justice and her major achievement in ensuring the term ‘Net-zero by 2050’ was included in the Paris Climate Agreement.Farhana explains what drove her to take direct climate action by glueing herself to the Shell building, what she thinks the impacts of 2020 will have on our lives in the future, and why community is so crucial to solving the social and ecological problems we are facing.Farhana was a Political Coordinator of Extinction Rebellion from 2018-2019 and was named by the BBC Woman's Hour Power List 2020 as one of the most inspiring women in the UK in the area of the environment and the sustainability of our planet.This is the local community group Farhana is involved in.

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5. A leap into the Unknown
with Denise Cowle

After 25 years as a physiotherapist in the UK National Health Service, Denise Cowle made a bold career move when she decided to quit her stable job without knowing where she was going. She then found her passion and purpose in editing and proofreading. Nine years and many milestones later, Denise talks about:

  • what drove her to leave steady employment and leap into the unknown

  • how to deal with fear by asking “What’s the worst that could happen?”

  • her passion for her new line of work and how she deals with imposter syndrome

  • how professional trade associations and peer groups have proved invaluable customers as collaborators, not simply people who buy your services

  • her ambitious plans for the future expansion of her skills and business

  • advice for people wishing to move into this flexible and appealing career

This is Denise’s successful editing podcast.And in this blog post Denise talks about the personal and professional skills which are transferable across seemingly very different lines of work:Link to the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

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4. Cool Coworking spaces
with Cecilia Chiolerio

Cecilia Chiolerio is the co-founder of Two Stay, a company that provides low cost, flexible coworking spaces in major European cities. By utilising cafés, bars and restaurants which are not usually open for business during the day, Two Stay offers professionals a quiet yet welcoming and collaborative place to do their work. In this conversation, Cecilia explains:

  • where the idea of using existing empty spaces for coworking came from, and how she refined the concept over time

  • the importance of shipping your product before it’s 'ready' and of creating value for all stakeholders

  • how she aligns her business with her values and what keeps her motivated

  • how she deals with self-doubt and black days and how having a mentor has been a game changer

  • what the events of 2020 taught her about coworking needs

Find out more about Two Stay at

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3. Digital Reinvention
with Nahia Orduña

Nahia Orduña is an agile leader in disruption, a data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evangelist, a Future of Work expert and a lifelong learner. Her recently-published book, Your Digital Reinvention, is a practical guide to helping people discover new job opportunities and find their place in the digital world. In this conversation, Nahia explains:

  • why digitally reinventing yourself is so relevant

  • why celebrating diversity is more important for our work today than ever before

  • how she dealt with prejudice and backlash against her choice to be full-time working mother

  • how she set up networks to help other women develop and thrive in the digital world

  • how knowledge-sharing and thought-challenging can benefit society

Nahia also offers advice for people wishing to write a business book themselves. More details are on Nahia’s website.

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2. Homeschooling in a Campervan
with Jen Taylor

In the 2013/2014 academic year, Jen Taylor and her husband Neil, sons Adam (15), Matt (13) and daughter Katie (9) travelled around Europe in a campervan. In this episode, Jen explains the reasons for their trip, what they all learned, the obstacles they overcame and how they managed on a daily travel budget of €10 per head.They blogged about their trip here. And in this post, Jen explains how they budgeted €50 per day for a family of five. Finally, these are the role models Jen mentioned at the end of our conversation.(Note: To find out how Katie benefited from her home education, listen to Episode 35: Natural Horsemanship with Katie Taylor)

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1. Attitude and Abundance
with Andrea Heuston

We start our first season with a fascinating conversation with award-winning entrepreneur and CEO Andrea Heuston, who lets us in on a few secrets about what success means, how to nurture the attitude to be able to deal with whatever life throws at you, how we should always think in abundance, and what she learned about control after a close encounter with death.Andrea is CEO of Artitudes Design. She also runs a podcast called Lead Like a Woman, which aims to empower women to empower others.

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Here is a selection of our amazingly audacious guests holding their very own, signed copies of the book. On occasion, Maribel and Helen were even able to present them with their copy in person!Thank you to everyone who contributed to the AudaciousNess project. We couldn't have done it without you.(Click on a photo to go to their podcast episode.)

Jen Armstrong
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Ousmane Pame
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Book tour 2023

On the 2nd and 3rd November 2023 we held our first online workshop.We highlighted the 10 key lessons we learned from speaking to our 41 audacious podcast guests and asked the online participants to share their own experiences of living a bold and authentic life.The workshop was held on two days at two different times to enable people from a range of time zones to attend.We like to extend a heartfelt Thank you to those who attended this workshop.

summer book tour 2023

Book tour 2023

During August 2023, Helen gave in-person talks at venues in the Scottish Highlands (this photo was taken at The Highland Weigh in Nairn).In these highly interactive talks, she encouraged participants to share their own audacious stories, as well as drawing on examples from the AudaciousNess podcast and book, with the aim of inspiring others to embrace their own audaciousness and start living a truly bold and authentic life.Attendees had the opportunity to purchase a copy of the print edition at a discounted price.

Book Launch Event

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Book cover

A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us via Zoom on 31 May 2023 for the much anticipated launch of AudaciousNess: The BookIn this well-attended event, the authors were joined by some of the podcast guests, who shared their experience of being part of the AudaciousNess project.Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions to all who contributed to the project, and everyone attending received a FREE copy of the eBook.


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Julie Trager and The Little Book of Love
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Welcome to the Third Instalment of our Guest Update Series! This month, we had the incredible opportunity to reconnect with Julie Trager, the "Fierce Life Warrior" from Episode 29 of our podcast!In our 2022 interview, Julie told us about her radical spiritual journey and her ability to channel messages from higher realms. Today, she has embraced these gifts more fully, transforming her life in profound ways.The result is a beautiful collection of 95 loving messages from God, compiled in The Little Book of Love. Read more about it here:

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Catching Up With Myah Payel Mitra
The Second Edition of our Guest Update Series!
This month, we caught up with Myah Payel Mitra, our inspiring guest from Episode 11: Living Life by Design.Myah is still very much living life by design, not by default, which means consciously making choices that are aligned with her true self. She encourages everyone to embrace their uniqueness, pursue their passions and not be afraid of dreaming big.In this newsletter we take a quick look at how Myah is continuing to live audaciously since we interviewed her in June 2021...

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Catching Up With Jen Armstrong
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This month, Helen reconnected with dynamic singer/songwriter Jen Armstrong, our beloved guest from Episode 37: A Voice for the Voiceless.Jen's been back in the studio on Scotland's picturesque Isle of Lewis, crafting her audacious new album and delighting locals with a spirited live performance.Amid her hectic recording schedule, Jen took a moment to catch up with Helen and discuss her journey over the past two years since our last interview.Read about Jen's new audacious goals in our April 2024 newsletter...

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It's time to make your mark
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Helen's Next Audacious Move
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The AudaciousNess Journey 2023: A Year of Milestones!
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  • 🌟 Upcoming Adventure: Our Senegal Expedition in January 2024

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REDES Eco-villages

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